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Dr. Leanne J Philip, BSc. (Hon.); MSc.; PhD. is the Managing Director & Chief Scientist of Soil Advocates Inc. She studied at the University of Guelph as an undergraduate (Plant Biology, Environmental Management and Urban Horticulture) and as a graduate student (Plant & Soil Interactions). She has a keen interest in soil sciences, which lead her to the University of British Columbia in Vancouver for doctoral studies in soil carbon sequestration and movement within British Columbia’s clear-cut soils. Further work in soil sciences in Europe and Canada reinforced Dr. Philip’s belief that soil processes and mechanisms belowground drive aboveground aesthetics and plant interactions. While active in both research, mentorship and teaching, most recently Dr. Philip has been working in applied soil sciences in industry and community outreach. Dr. Philip is a native of southern Ontario and is a strong advocate for scientific literacy within her community and responsible environmental stewardship.

The Threat of Rising CO2 Concentrations

The levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the earth’s atmosphere are constantly increasing, a worrying trend for environmentalists and the planet as a whole.

In May, levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere exceeded 411 parts per million, which was the largest single monthly average ever to be recorded at Hawaii’s Mauna Loa […]

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When The Arts Honour Life Sciences

The more exposure people have to the various life sciences, such as biology, botany and zoology, the more they come to realize their importance and influence. When artists make it a point to honour the life sciences, there can be very powerful results. After all, art speaks to us as humans in a way many […]

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Five Forest Experiences To Rejuvenate The Mind Body And Soul

Have the stresses of your everyday life been weighing on you even more than usual lately? Many studies have shown that taking some time to escape into the woods can help you reduce your anxiety, stress and depression, and can have many other soothing effects on people. In fact, the experience known as “

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Explore Respectfully: Preserve the Forests

Any time you head out for a hike or a bike ride in the forest, it’s tempting to want to blaze your own trail and march straight into the wilderness. While we certainly encourage you to get out and explore the wild spaces in your area, it’s important you do so respectfully—trails are planned […]

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Ancient Trees: Why We Need to Preserve Them For Future Generations

There are numerous threats to our plant life and trees in today’s world, the greatest of which being industry and climate change. In regions that have particularly old, beautiful and/or significant trees, government regulation and action may be necessary to preserve their beauty and cultural significance for generations to come.

Consider, for example, the giant redwoods […]

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Our Top Three Weed Prevention Strategies

Whether you’re an avid gardener or simply like to keep your home’s garden beds from getting overgrown, you know how frustrating it can be to try to keep weeds at bay. There are some weed prevention strategies that work better than others, and the team here at SoilAdvocates want to share three ideas that can […]

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The “Other” Yellow Flower: All About Garlic Mustard

Spend any time in your local park or even in some backyards in your neighborhood and you’re likely to come across the garlic mustard plant. This is considered to be one of the most destructive invasive species of plants in North America, and the rate with which it’s spreading across the continent and doing […]

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7 Practical Benefits Of Teraseeding

Terraseeding is a unique and innovative form of seeding very large areas by automatically mixing composted soils with seed and then applying them to the area by using a pneumatic blower truck. The idea is similar to hydroseeding, in which seed and water are applied simultaneously.

The process of terraseeding has gained a […]

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Soil Tackifiers: Are They Worth Applying?

Soil tackifiers are a type of chemical made from a combination of natural and synthetic sources for the purpose of encouraging greater adhesion in mulch and soil particles. Over time, application of these tackifiers can help to improve soil stabilization by reducing wind- and water-driven erosion.  

Think of tackifiers as the “glue” that holds the soil […]

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Maple vs Birch Syrup: A Sweet Comparison

Maple syrup is, without a doubt, the world’s most popular syrup. You can’t go into a breakfast diner that will not have maple syrup available, often on the table before you even place your order. It’s just assumed that if you get pancakes, waffles or French toast, you’re going to want a […]

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