February 2019

Once the Forest Fire is Out…

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This was an especially awful year for forest fires in the western North America. Both British Columbia and California were ablaze most of the late summer and into September before firefighters were finally able to get the flames under control.

Still, there is a misconception that all forest fires are inherently bad. While it’s certainly true […]

What’s Your Favorite Tree Form?

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A tree’s form refers to its shape, which occurs naturally or can be altered through pruning. Observing the form of a tree can help you identify its species. It can also alter the area surrounding the tree and play a large role in the aesthetics of a yard or piece of land.

Different types of trees […]

January 2019

The Perilous Life of a Street Tree –Why Are They Dying at Such an Alarming Rate?

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Passing trees planted along roads and walkways helps us feel more connected to nature each day. Cities across Canada – and the entire world – have implemented programs to plant new trees to liven up the city streets, shade sidewalks, provide homes to animals and clean the neighborhood air.

However, these street trees are subjected to […]

The Importance of Scientific Literacy

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The words we use every day, matter– whether we are talking to a friend, explaining something at our jobs or discussing an important problem. The same is true in science. Words have the power to transform the way we think about the world and deal with scientific challenges.

This is why scientific literacy is so important. […]

October 2018

Should We Adopt New Techniques for Tree Nurseries?

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Climate change has caused widespread changes in the way we look at botany, gardening and growing plants and trees. Many types of businesses and industries will be significantly impacted by the effects of climate change as it continues to worsen in the coming years. One question to ask—should wholesale tree nurseries adopt new techniques in […]

September 2018

Soil Contamination: Remediation Options And Alternatives

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Growing a healthy garden requires you to maintain clean and healthy soil. If you have soil contamination, there are numerous problems that could arise and make it difficult for you to get good growth out of your plants and flowers.

It can be helpful to conduct soil sample analyses before you do any significant work […]

How Urban Forestry Improves The Environement In Urban Areas

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Urban forestry is defined as being the care and upkeep of tree populations in urban settings to improve the overall environment in these urban areas. Urban foresters are tasked with planting and maintaining trees, preserving forests in and adjacent to urban areas and researching and promoting the benefits of trees to urban populace. There […]

Re-Using Insect-Damaged Wood: A New Recycling Trend

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Damaged wood is the result of insects being unchecked, whether it be in trees or in existing furnishings. The problems are exacerbated when the trees are dead, or the wood has been damp for a period of time.

Emerald ash borers and pine beetles are two of the most common types of insects […]

The Beauty and Wonder of Wasaga Beach, Canada

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There are many gorgeous natural spaces in Canada, from the tundra of the north to the wild expanses of the Yukon, from the Canadian Rockies to the crystal blue and turquoise waters of Lake Louise in Banff. But if you’re looking for a beach atmosphere, you can do little better than the awesome Wasaga […]

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