Our Top Three Weed Prevention Strategies

Whether you’re an avid gardener or simply like to keep your home’s garden beds from getting overgrown, you know how frustrating it can be to try to keep weeds at bay. There are some weed prevention strategies that work better than others, and the team here at SoilAdvocates want to share three ideas that can […]

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The “Other” Yellow Flower: All About Garlic Mustard

Spend any time in your local park or even in some backyards in your neighborhood and you’re likely to come across the garlic mustard plant. This is considered to be one of the most destructive invasive species of plants in North America, and the rate with which it’s spreading across the continent and doing […]

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7 Practical Benefits Of Teraseeding

Terraseeding is a unique and innovative form of seeding very large areas by automatically mixing composted soils with seed and then applying them to the area by using a pneumatic blower truck. The idea is similar to hydroseeding, in which seed and water are applied simultaneously.

The process of terraseeding has gained a […]

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Soil Tackifiers: Are They Worth Applying?

Soil tackifiers are a type of chemical made from a combination of natural and synthetic sources for the purpose of encouraging greater adhesion in mulch and soil particles. Over time, application of these tackifiers can help to improve soil stabilization by reducing wind- and water-driven erosion.  

Think of tackifiers as the “glue” that holds the soil […]

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Maple vs Birch Syrup: A Sweet Comparison

Maple syrup is, without a doubt, the world’s most popular syrup. You can’t go into a breakfast diner that will not have maple syrup available, often on the table before you even place your order. It’s just assumed that if you get pancakes, waffles or French toast, you’re going to want a […]

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When Everything Falls Apart: Soil Erosion Truths & Solutions

All soils can suffer from erosion, but some types of soils are more vulnerable than others. For example, soils that have dispersible subsoils are much more subject to soil erosion by gully formation and tunneling.

There are plenty of reasons to be concerned about soil erosion. In the world of agriculture, […]

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6 Biggest Advantages Of Floodplains

Healthy floodplains can be quite beneficial to people and nature alike. Over the years, humans have mastered the maintenance of these floodplains to better control flooding, water quality and a wide variety of other factors.

Here are 6 of the biggest advantages associated with floodplains:

#1: Flood Protection

Floodplains offer rivers more room when they rise, which […]

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Here Is Why Canadian Icewine Is So Cool This Winter

Canadian Icewine,  a beverage made from grapes that are left to freeze while still on the vine, has been a delicacy for generations.

Canada (and especially Ontario) is home to ideal climate conditions for the yearly Canadian Icewine production. Its warm summers ripen the grapes perfectly, and its cold (but not too cold) […]

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Soil Searching: Picking The Right Soil For Indoor Plants

Have questions about which is the right type of soil for your indoor plants? It’s understandable – you are bound to find a wide variety of soils at your local garden centre, including prepackaged mixes for indoor plants. The type of soil you need really depends on the type of indoor plants […]

Sinkholes and Soil: Why They Are An Environmental Extreme

When You Get That Sinking Feeling

Sinkholes around the world have been making the news lately. From car-swallowing potholes in Rome to sinkholes threatening entire communities in Florida, soils worldwide are shifting in unsettling ways.

But what’s causing this sudden epidemic of sinkholes? Signs point to climate change and the inability of […]

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