Recent fires have devastated parts of Canada, with many evacuating their homes. It was just a decade ago that the massive Okanagan fire caused $200 million in damage to the province as well. That fire resulted in the destruction of 230 homes.

But it’s not just Western and Northern Canada that suffer from the threat of wildfire. If the conditions are right, fires can start anywhere that’s dry and spread rapidly, especially during forest fire season. That includes parks, cottage country, and conservation areas.

While you can’t have 100 percent control over whether fire affects your property, you can take precautionary steps to ensure your property is as safe as possible. It’s not only good for you—it’s important to keeping your neighborhood safe.

Staying safe while enjoying the great outdoors

At home, it’s a smart idea to look around the property and identify potential fire hazards. For example, if you have a wood-burning stove, it’s best to keep firewood safely away from the house. That way if there is a fire on the property, you won’t be encouraging it to spread.

This is part of an overall strategy of removing fire fuel from your property. Large piles of pine needles, twigs, or branches are all potential hazards that should be removed as quickly as possible. Check troughs around the property to see if they contain fire fuel.

Another idea is to create fire-safe zones on your property. This can include rock walls, decks, patios, and stone pathways that cutoff fire.

Similarly, there are ways to use landscaping elements to make your property safer. Use plants that retain high levels of moisture along with rocks and mulch to help prevent the spread of fire. Some fire-retardant plants such as aloe may also help. Hardwood, cherry, and poplar trees are also less-susceptible to catching fire.

When out in Canada’s beautiful parks and nature preserves, it’s important to be cautious so that you don’t start a forest or grass fire. Exercising responsibility when cooking outdoors or starting a campfire is key. Be aware of the risk motorized vehicles pose as well as smoking. Occasional prescribed burns are intended to limit the spread of forest fires.

If you want to learn more about how to prevent the spread of fire while enhancing your property, we’re here to help. Soil Advocates Inc. believes in promoting the latest tools and protocols in climate change mitigation, urban green spaces, recreation and conservation. We’re at the cutting edge of everything involving sustainability education and consulting. Contact us today to learn more about the invaluable assistance we provide.

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