Soil Advocates Inc. was created to address the gap in scientific and technical knowledge that existed between many private sector markets and the current state of science. Our team wants to bridge this gap by providing opportunities for more businesses, institutions and government agencies to connect with scientists in multiple fields. The common denominator – soil. Often overlooked, Soil Advocates Inc. want to increase awareness regarding the importance of soil and its related applications.
Yes. We have extensive networks across the province, Canada and internationally.
Yes. Soil Advocates Inc. can provide reviews of lab analytical tests, make laboratory recommendations and provide data management and manipulation.
Yes. Soil Advocates Inc. invites you to check out our Podcast and Videocast series (coming soon) as well as our monthly newsletter, The Percolator, and our weekly blog posts. We invite all interested individuals to contact us at any time to contribute ideas for the above. Case studies for each of our core services (Research, Education & Training and EcoServices) will also be available in short and long forms.
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