Pros and Cons of Leaving Old Fencerows in Place

Fencerows are a remnant of a bygone era in many parts of Canada. In years past, fencerows were the last remaining bits of forests that covered what is now farmland. When that land was divided, cleared for farming and separated into parcels, rows of trees and shrubs were left as a means of […]

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Explore Respectfully: Preserve the Forests

Any time you head out for a hike or a bike ride in the forest, it’s tempting to want to blaze your own trail and march straight into the wilderness. While we certainly encourage you to get out and explore the wild spaces in your area, it’s important you do so respectfully—trails are planned […]

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When Everything Falls Apart: Soil Erosion Truths & Solutions

All soils can suffer from erosion, but some types of soils are more vulnerable than others. For example, soils that have dispersible subsoils are much more subject to soil erosion by gully formation and tunneling.

There are plenty of reasons to be concerned about soil erosion. In the world of agriculture, […]

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Sinkholes and Soil: Why They Are An Environmental Extreme

When You Get That Sinking Feeling

Sinkholes around the world have been making the news lately. From car-swallowing potholes in Rome to sinkholes threatening entire communities in Florida, soils worldwide are shifting in unsettling ways.

But what’s causing this sudden epidemic of sinkholes? Signs point to climate change and the inability of […]

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The Top 5 Reasons For You To Start Composting At Home

Looking for reasons to start composting at home? Let’s face it—composting results in a win/win situation for you and the environment. It is one of the best ways for us to give back to the natural world and our local communities in our everyday lives. Though getting started with composting can take […]

Scientists Ask: Are Dandelions Good for the Environment?

Could dandelions actually be good for the environment? Long dismissed as a weed, the plant is now giving hope to researchers who have been looking for ways to rehabilitate regions damaged by oil spills.

Biologist Susan Kaminskyj from the University of Saskatchewan recently discovered a dandelion growing in the middle of an otherwise completely barren […]

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Effective Environmental Problem Solving Techniques that Anyone Can Use

At some point, all of us encounter an environmental problem that we need to solve using our own skills and intelligence. In fact, it is due to poor problem solving that many relationships or business fail. Therefore, having a set of good environmental problem solving skills at our disposal will make some of these problems […]

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Alternative Ways To Melt Ice: Pass On The Salt And Pick Up The Beet

In recent years, there has been more discussion about alternative ways to melt ice and the environmental impact of road salt during the winter months. There seems to be more momentum than ever to find alternative solutions.

Every year, cities across Canada spread millions of tons of road salt on pavement to combat […]

Seed Banks And The Importance Of Seed Collection

Seed banks have been a common activity going as far back as 8,000 B.C., when farmers realized they needed to protect their seeds to ensure the harvest for the next year. Seed banks were used to protect those seeds from extreme weather and animals.

Today’s seed banks are still quite important, but for primarily different reasons. […]

Warm Up Winter With the Benefits of Windbreaks

Protect your soil with the benefits of windbreaks during winter. Windbreaks are formations made up of hedgerows, trees or shrubberies planted with the purpose to provide a windshield and while protecting soil from erosion.

They are often implemented as hedgerows surrounding the edges of farms, or as trees or shrubbery in front of a home.

Here are […]

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