Invasive Plants VS Aggressive Weeds: Planting Knowledge

The truth is, invasive plants are not always weeds, but they are almost always detrimental. Invasive plants and weeds can be problematic in their own unique ways, but many people tend to lump them together in the same category.

Invasive plants are defined as foreign plant species that tend to spread quickly, at an […]

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How Do You Know How Climate Change Is Effecting Soil?

Researchers continues to report on how climate change is effecting soil. As global warming and climate change progresses, the carbon stored inside Earth’s soil could escape into the atmosphere at a much faster rate than previously expected. In a worst-case climate change scenario, carbon dioxide emissions could increase by 34 to 37 percent by […]

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The High Demand For Sand: How It Effects The Environment

Due to a high demand for sand, we are currently experiencing a global sand shortage and most people are not aware it is even an issue. Overuse of these global supplies for other purposes is having harmful effects on communities across the world, even promoting violent conflicts in some circumstances. In Vietnam, […]

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