6 Biggest Advantages Of Floodplains

Healthy floodplains can be quite beneficial to people and nature alike. Over the years, humans have mastered the maintenance of these floodplains to better control flooding, water quality and a wide variety of other factors.

Here are 6 of the biggest advantages associated with floodplains:

#1: Flood Protection

Floodplains offer rivers more room when they rise, which […]

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Scientists Ask: Are Dandelions Good for the Environment?

Could dandelions actually be good for the environment? Long dismissed as a weed, the plant is now giving hope to researchers who have been looking for ways to rehabilitate regions damaged by oil spills.

Biologist Susan Kaminskyj from the University of Saskatchewan recently discovered a dandelion growing in the middle of an otherwise completely barren […]

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Seed Banks And The Importance Of Seed Collection

Seed banks have been a common activity going as far back as 8,000 B.C., when farmers realized they needed to protect their seeds to ensure the harvest for the next year. Seed banks were used to protect those seeds from extreme weather and animals.

Today’s seed banks are still quite important, but for primarily different reasons. […]

Warm Up Winter With the Benefits of Windbreaks

Protect your soil with the benefits of windbreaks during winter. Windbreaks are formations made up of hedgerows, trees or shrubberies planted with the purpose to provide a windshield and while protecting soil from erosion.

They are often implemented as hedgerows surrounding the edges of farms, or as trees or shrubbery in front of a home.

Here are […]

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Plant Fossil Analysis: What It Teaches Us

Plant fossil analysis teaches us that the species of plants we see on the planet today are only a small sampling of all the species that have existed throughout the history of the world. Botanists frequently use gene sequence analysis to compare living plants based on their shared ancestry.

But how have scientists been able to […]

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3 Practical Uses Of Hemp That You Probably Did Not Know About

The use of hemp plants is rapidly growing, making the hemp and marijuana industries two of the most promising industries for the future, despite quite a few regulations surrounding the growth and use of hemp and other cannabinoids in Canada and the United States.

Measures are already being taken to legalize recreational marijuana in Canada by the […]

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The Importance Of Multi-Purpose Urban Green Spaces

Often, living in a city can isolate you from nature. You may not have access to a yard and your daily commute may only involve an endless sea of concrete.

Many people simply accept this and cease having any daily connection with nature. However, research shows that spending time regularly in the great outdoors is a […]

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