When Everything Falls Apart: Soil Erosion Truths & Solutions

All soils can suffer from erosion, but some types of soils are more vulnerable than others. For example, soils that have dispersible subsoils are much more subject to soil erosion by gully formation and tunneling.

There are plenty of reasons to be concerned about soil erosion. In the world of agriculture, […]

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Alternative Ways To Melt Ice: Pass On The Salt And Pick Up The Beet

In recent years, there has been more discussion about alternative ways to melt ice and the environmental impact of road salt during the winter months. There seems to be more momentum than ever to find alternative solutions.

Every year, cities across Canada spread millions of tons of road salt on pavement to combat […]

How Do You Know How Climate Change Is Effecting Soil?

Researchers continues to report on how climate change is effecting soil. As global warming and climate change progresses, the carbon stored inside Earth’s soil could escape into the atmosphere at a much faster rate than previously expected. In a worst-case climate change scenario, carbon dioxide emissions could increase by 34 to 37 percent by […]

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The High Demand For Sand: How It Effects The Environment

Due to a high demand for sand, we are currently experiencing a global sand shortage and most people are not aware it is even an issue. Overuse of these global supplies for other purposes is having harmful effects on communities across the world, even promoting violent conflicts in some circumstances. In Vietnam, […]

What Your Family Needs To Know About Artificial Grass

The main question is whether artificial grass and playing surfaces are responsible alternatives to natural grass.

Parents in the public school district in Washington, D.C. are concerned about some possible negative health effects associated with artificial turf used for sports surfaces. In response to these concerns, the city had one of it’s […]

Photosynthesis: Fighting Climate Change

Photosynthesis is the light-driven process of converting carbon dioxide (CO2) to the building blocks of plants, algae, and some bacteria. These building blocks are carbon compounds, such as glucose or sugar, with oxygen and water being by-products. Without this process, life as we know it wouldn’t exist.

The photosynthesis process can be a key to fighting […]

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A Big Environmental Concern: Soil Removal, Soil Disposal, Soil Fill Sites

Commercial development continues throughout Canada, with big increases in urban areas like Toronto. One environmental hazard associated with this is the dumping of toxic soil fill into sites that don’t deal with these materials. Pressure on commercial developers to begin construction immediately causes less than ethical practices in regards to soil removal. Toxic soil from […]

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