Why is the Term “Change” Such a Charged Word?

Change is hard. It can also be controversial. But what is it about the word “change” that can produce such harsh, strong reactions?

Perhaps the single-biggest example we can discuss in the natural world is climate change.

Many experts believe climate change to be the single-biggest threat facing the world today, more than any terrorist organization […]

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How Do You Know How Climate Change Is Effecting Soil?

Researchers continues to report on how climate change is effecting soil. As global warming and climate change progresses, the carbon stored inside Earth’s soil could escape into the atmosphere at a much faster rate than previously expected. In a worst-case climate change scenario, carbon dioxide emissions could increase by 34 to 37 percent by […]

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Photosynthesis: Fighting Climate Change

Photosynthesis is the light-driven process of converting carbon dioxide (CO2) to the building blocks of plants, algae, and some bacteria. These building blocks are carbon compounds, such as glucose or sugar, with oxygen and water being by-products. Without this process, life as we know it wouldn’t exist.

The photosynthesis process can be a key to fighting […]

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