Once the Forest Fire is Out…

This was an especially awful year for forest fires in the western North America. Both British Columbia and California were ablaze most of the late summer and into September before firefighters were finally able to get the flames under control.

Still, there is a misconception that all forest fires are inherently bad. While it’s certainly true […]

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Why We All Could Use A Little Forest Therapy

Do you ever feel a need to get away from your daily life in the city and reconnect with nature? Studies have shown that taking some time to explore nature and the forests can have a lot of positive health benefits, which has led to the rise of forest therapy.

Forest therapy […]

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Invasive Plants VS Aggressive Weeds: Planting Knowledge

The truth is, invasive plants are not always weeds, but they are almost always detrimental. Invasive plants and weeds can be problematic in their own unique ways, but many people tend to lump them together in the same category.

Invasive plants are defined as foreign plant species that tend to spread quickly, at an […]

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The Art Collecting Canadian Plants For Preservation

People have been collecting Canadian plants for preservation for thousands of years. It can take the form of anything from a hobby for children to a full-time job for botanists and herbalists.

Many young kids, for example, have collected fallen leaves and pressed them between pages of books. From there, the hobby can grow into […]

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