Scientists Ask: Are Dandelions Good for the Environment?

Could dandelions actually be good for the environment? Long dismissed as a weed, the plant is now giving hope to researchers who have been looking for ways to rehabilitate regions damaged by oil spills.

Biologist Susan Kaminskyj from the University of Saskatchewan recently discovered a dandelion growing in the middle of an otherwise completely barren […]

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Forensic Botany: How Plants Can Be Crime Stoppers

You probably were not aware that for many years, scientists have been able to use plants to determine if, when and how a crime was committed. That’s right—plants can be verifiable crime stoppers!

This particular field is called “forensic biology,” the application of biology in law enforcement practices. It has been used to […]

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The Art Collecting Canadian Plants For Preservation

People have been collecting Canadian plants for preservation for thousands of years. It can take the form of anything from a hobby for children to a full-time job for botanists and herbalists.

Many young kids, for example, have collected fallen leaves and pressed them between pages of books. From there, the hobby can grow into […]

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Inconsistency And The Power Of Words In Science

Words are things.  There is power in words.  There is power of words in science. When we use language in science, sometimes there is a lot of inconsistency.

Different individuals interpret definitions, meanings, applications of terms and phrases in unique ways.  The danger in this is that information, incorrect or a little correct, can be become […]

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