Our Top Three Weed Prevention Strategies

Whether you’re an avid gardener or simply like to keep your home’s garden beds from getting overgrown, you know how frustrating it can be to try to keep weeds at bay. There are some weed prevention strategies that work better than others, and the team here at SoilAdvocates want to share three ideas that can […]

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Invasive Plants VS Aggressive Weeds: Planting Knowledge

The truth is, invasive plants are not always weeds, but they are almost always detrimental. Invasive plants and weeds can be problematic in their own unique ways, but many people tend to lump them together in the same category.

Invasive plants are defined as foreign plant species that tend to spread quickly, at an […]

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Inconsistency And The Power Of Words In Science

Words are things.  There is power in words.  There is power of words in science. When we use language in science, sometimes there is a lot of inconsistency.

Different individuals interpret definitions, meanings, applications of terms and phrases in unique ways.  The danger in this is that information, incorrect or a little correct, can be become […]

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