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Dr. Leanne Philip and I worked together on communicating the science behind Miryal, surely one of the great discoveries in the field of soil health. Dr. Philip and Soil Advocates take the intimidation away from all things that are science related in favour of crystal clear messaging, while never forsaking the science itself. I found her to be deeply knowledgeable, passionate, and a wise choice when it comes to finding a go-to person in the field of soil science.

Roderick Benns, Roderick Benns, Communications Specialist

Our Company is very pleased to have Dr. Leanne Philip of Soil Advocates as one of our team members for developing our private label Miryal®. Dr. Philip harnesses deep sources of information, analytics and expertise to forge solutions for our Company. Dr. Philip partners with us to provide the unrivaled insights and perspectives that lead to well-informed, confident decisions. Dr. Philip has been instrumental in helping our decision makers apply higher-level thinking to scientific and strategic issues resulting in sustainable, profitable growth for our Company.

Soil Advocates plays a critical role in our Company as we continue to innovate and refine our methodologies. Soil Advocates has applied statistical and scientific rigor to analysis and insights. Soil Advocates is very skilled at formulating queries and preparing analytical reports for our clients and internal resources, and serves as an internal statistical sciences resource. One of the key skills Soil Advocates has brought to our Company is strong communication skills (verbal and written) with the ability to translate complex scientific methods in layman’s terms. We strongly recommend Soil Advocates to any Company who has the desire to match scientific knowledge and interpersonal skills that are consistent with an entrepreneurial, small to medium size company environment where teamwork is of the utmost importance resulting in high value proposition and profitability.

Kim Thompson, Cookman Corporation & Affiliates
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