The importance of trees cannot be stated enough.

Forest ecosystems provide resources, jobs and sustain biodiversity.  They are beginning to be recognized as key features playing a part in urban life too.

One of the greatest side effects of immersing ourselves in a forest or park or even our backyards has existed forever but is not often valued in today’s society. There is an inexplicable connection between trees and forested landscapes and the health and whole wellbeing of human beings.

Many studies suggest more and more that access to forested, green spaces makes for more productive employees.

Think about it…when was the last time someone suggested you go outside for a break?

There’s something about the sounds and smells of trees that feedback to our senses creating reductions in blood pressure, energizing and recharging our spirits and feeling like we are all a part of something good for the planet.

Trees are not just an economic boom for humanity but a balm to our stresses and a place for exploration and inspiration.  We think it’s encouraging that an increasing number of schools are including outdoor education programs for students, providing early experiences learning and appreciating the simple wonder of a forest.

Hospitals and other big institutions have also caught onto this craze, planning treed landscapes near places of operation.

Don’t take our word for it though, go out there and walk through a forest.  Collect some pictures, notice your heart rate slowing down and a smile breaking big and wide on your face.

For more information on the importance of forests to our society check out “Let’s Talk Forests”, an event coming up next month by the Nature Conservancy of Canada.

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